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Exhaust Header Bolt Set

BBK Performance 

Exhaust Header Bolt Kit

2 Parts

Exhaust Header Bolt Kit
  • 16 Piece Bolt Kit
  • Zinc Coated To Help Prevent Rust
  • BBK Is Your Number One Aftermarket Performance Exhaust Brand
  • Made In The USA

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Kooks Custom Headers 

Header Bolt Set

3 Parts

Header Bolt Set
  • 100 Percent Manufactured In The USA
  • Kooks Headers And Exhaust Make The Most Power In The Industry
  • Kooks Products Are Made Of T304 Air Craft Quality Steel
  • Kooks System Are Specifically Designed For Maximum Power
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty To Original Purchaser
  • Every Kooks Product Is Dyno And Race Tested
  • Kooks Products Fit And Install The Best
  • 3 Generations Being Family Owned And Operated

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